Why is the dollar symbol ‘s’?

One hundred cents is one dollar in the United States. It must be known to everyone. Looking at the symbol of the cent, there is a horizontal line in the middle of the small letter ‘C’. As is the case with the dollar symbol in the middle of the English capital letter ‘S’ vertically. The first letter of the word cent is ‘C’. The symbol of St. is made with this ‘C’. So why isn’t the dollar symbol with the first letter of the word ‘D’?

There are many rumors about why the dollar symbol is like that. Notice the most common example. United States, which means ‘United States’ in English US for short. The two letters of this abbreviated form are ‘U’ and ‘S’. The dollar symbol was written with these two letters at the beginning. Then ‘U’ was put on the letter ‘S’. In the evolution of time, the lower part of ‘U’ disappears. This leaves a residue of ‘U’ on the letter ‘S’, which looks like two vertical lines. Next time a line is omitted from there for easy presentation. This explanation is not true at all. This is because the dollar symbol was used in the case of other currencies before the introduction of the US dollar.

The above explanation did not come from America, but was introduced in Europe. In the sixteenth century, a number of Spanish explorers found huge amounts of silver on South American soil. Those parts of South America later became known as Mexico, Peru and Bolivia. However, due to the abundance of silver, Spain then introduced a large amount of silver coins, which in their language was called ‘peso de ocho’ or ‘peso’ for short. Which means eight pieces. The supply of silver in Europe began to decline when the peso was introduced. As a result, the Spanish peso became the primary currency of international trade.

The Spanish peso was preceded by another currency, the yakimstheler. It is called ‘Thaler’ for short. And this is where the word ‘dollar’ comes from. As the peso took the place of Yakimsthaler, the nickname became the Spanish dollar.

As American colonies began to develop, trade between Spanish Americans and English Americans became free. Traders then began to use the abbreviated form of the word peso to simply write a transaction account. For this, a symbol is made by placing the letter ‘S’ on top of the letter ‘P’. Once the symbol is used, ‘P’ and ‘S’ merge into one. As a result, only the vertical line of the letter ‘S’ with the letter ‘S’ survives. Understand, which looks like the current dollar symbol.

The dollar symbol was first recorded in a document in 180. But still the name of the United States did not! In other words, this proves that the short form of the dollar symbol United States did not come from the US. Although the symbol was used for the Spanish currency, it was first used by the Americans. Apart from that, since the value of one dollar is equal to one peso, it can easily become a symbol of the US dollar in the future. “

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