These 5 amazing discoveries are going to revolutionize medical science

As the days go by, everything is constantly changing with him. People are discovering new things. Making daily life easier. Only a few hundred years ago from today. When hundreds of people would die from a very small disease. Even in the nineteenth century, millions of people have died in the world from various epidemics like cholera and pox. Gradually people have learned to prevent these diseases. Discovering various antidotes and medicines. As a result, the mortality rate of these diseases has come down to almost zero.

But even then new diseases are appearing. Diseases like AIDS, cancer and dengue, chikungunya, Ebola etc. Have appeared in epidemic forms in many parts of the world. So people are constantly fighting with these diseases. People are constantly trying to overcome these ailments and physical disabilities to live a more advanced and hassle-free life. And for all this, people are taking help of science and technology. Thanks to technology, people today are overcoming many obstacles in the human body, including the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. There will be many changes in the days ahead that will take medical science much further. Today we will tell you about some of the most amazing things in medical science that we may see in the years to come.

1. Human head transplant

The most amazing thing that is going to happen in medical science this year is the human head transplant. So far we have heard about the transplantation of various organs including heart and kidney. But this is the first time that the whole head has been transplanted from one body to another. Sergio Canavero, an Italian neurosurgeon, dared to perform this complex task. So far no animal has survived long after the head transplant. This is because the spinal cord could not be attached even if everything in the body could be attached to the replaced head. But Sergio Canavero will take a slightly different path this time. He will complete the replacement process with a special blade and in this case he will use glue with a special organic ingredient to grow the nerves in the spinal cord.

head transplant
Dr. Sergio Cannavaro (right) and Valerie Spyridanov (left), who will donate their heads in the process; Source:

This is how the procedure will be done – the surgeons will first cut off the head with a special blade from the body of the person who has agreed to donate his head for this transplant. Then the veins and nerves of the head will be connected with the blood vessels and nerves of the body in which the head will be placed. The spinal cord of the body is then attached to the head by a glue made of special organic material, so that the spinal cord is gradually fully attached to the head. The patient will then be kept unconscious for four weeks with medication so that the head is fully attached to the body. This is the most important part of this process.

Doctors have never been able to connect the spinal cord completely to the body before. However, Cannavaro has full confidence in himself in this regard. He says none of the technology he needs for this process is now in short supply. He said the process would be completed in about 36 hours with 150 specially trained surgeons. The chances of success are 90 percent and the patient will be able to walk within a few months of the transplant, he said. Listening to the whole incident, it may seem like a science fiction story. But it is going to be in December this year. Valerie Spyridanov and Wardenig Hoffmann, two Russians, have agreed to donate their heads and bodies to the world’s first head transplant.

2. Medical 3D printing

Many of us may know about 3D printers or 3D printing. Just as we can print text on a computer with a different type of computer with a normal paper printer, a computer with a 3D printer has a solid three-dimensional realistic form of that object. It can be used to make almost all kinds of things including various sculptures, dolls, furniture. But in the coming years, this 3D printer is going to bring some unimaginable changes in the field of treatment.

3D printing
The bones of a cheetah’s body made through 3D printing; Source:

The biotechnology industries are currently working on how to make body cells using 3D printers. If this study succeeds, then in the near future it will be possible to create different parts of the body through 3D printers. Researchers have already been able to create body bones with this printer. The technology to make different medicines through 3D printers is also coming in the coming days. As a result, different medicines can be made very easily. For those who have lost a body part like an arm or a leg in an accident, artificial limbs are also being made nowadays through 3D printing.

3. Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to bring about unimaginable changes in the years to come. Nowadays, the artificial intelligence assistant of smartphones has made our life much easier. In the same way, in the days to come, this artificial intelligence will play a unique role in healthcare and medical science. Sick? Fever, cold or any minor illness? In the future you may no longer have to go to the doctor for these reasons. You can easily get healthcare at home through an artificial intelligence assistant.

google brain
Google Brain logo; Source:

Google recently developed the Google Brain for the development of this artificial intelligence, whose job is to use this artificial intelligence in new and more advanced fields. The project is being led by Ray Curzwell, a world-renowned AI expert. Maybe soon we’ll see our brain-based digital storage. That means we can upload the information of our brain to the computer!

4. Organs made in the laboratory

If for some reason the lizard’s tail falls off or is cut off, it slowly grows again. But this is not the case with humans. However, there are some cells in our body which are constantly being destroyed and new ones are being created. Such as the cells in the outer layer of our skin. Our skin exfoliates once every two to four weeks. Then new cells grow again. In the case of the skin, even if it is a part of the body, but once lost, it does not regenerate.

But recently scientists have been able to make organs like ears, nose etc. From body cells in the laboratory. In this case some cells are taken from the body of the person for whom the organ will be made. The whole organism is then gradually formed by creating many cells from one cell by developing the cell in a suitable environment. This prosthesis is then placed in the patient’s body. As the prosthesis is made up of living cells, it gradually develops into the veins and nervous system of the body. As a result, this artificial limb became a part of the body.

artificial human ear
A human ear made in a laboratory; Source:

At present this technology is capable of making some small organs but in the future it is going to bring a big change in medicine. Scientists have already been able to create heart cells in this way in the laboratory. As a result, a whole heart will be created through this heart muscle in the coming years! That means there will be no need to look for another donor for a heart transplant. In addition to the heart, this method will create various internal organs of the body in the future.

5. Portable diagnostic device

At present we can do blood sugar or diabetic test, blood pressure diagnosis etc. Sitting at home. But even decades ago, we had to rush to doctors and various diagnostic centers for these tests. At present we resort to various diagnostic centers for ECG, X-ray etc. But in the coming years, we will not have to go out for all this. We can test these at home through portable devices. Recently researchers have been able to invent a portable ECG machine.

Portable ECG machine
Portable ECG machine; Source:

Also a few years ago, Eugene Chan, a doctor and his team, developed a portable device that could diagnose hundreds of diseases with just one drop of blood. The device is so small that it can be carried around in a pocket. Many such devices are going to come in the future.

With the development of medicine, many new unknown diseases will be born in the future. To survive from these diseases we need to be more health conscious. The environment must be kept pollution free. Only then will we be able to survive the various physical disasters in the world to come.

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