Microchip placement or DNA change: All the false rumors about Covid-19

Many false rumors about the coronavirus vaccine have been widely circulated. These include the alleged conspiracy to inject microchips into the human body, as well as theories to alter the human genetic code.

Conspiracy to change DNA:

There has been widespread talk on social media that the coronavirus vaccine will change the DNA of the human body.

Coronavirus vaccines do not cause any changes in the human DNA, they said.

The new coronavirus vaccines that have been developed use a genetic component of the virus. This is called messenger RNA. The newly approved Pfizer and Bioentech vaccines in the UK are similarly made.

“When RNA is injected into a person’s body, it has no effect on human DNA,” says Jeffrey Almond, a professor at Oxford University.

This vaccine actually works by giving the human body a kind of instruction. These instructions form a type of protein that is on the surface of the coronavirus.

The normal immune system of the human body, it then identifies such proteins and can make antibodies against it.

Coronavirus vaccines will alter the DNA of the human body, a claim we have previously verified. A video was circulating on social media last May. There were similar demands. Even then we investigated the matter.

At the time, various posts on social media claimed that RNA (mRNA) vaccine technology had never been tested or approved before.

It is true that the mRNA vaccine has never been approved before the present time. However, in the last few years, there has been a lot of research on the human body mRNA vaccine.

And since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the vaccine has been tested on thousands of people around the world. This vaccine has to go through a very strict verification process for approval.

In the case of any new vaccine that has to pass the safety test in order to be approved, the same has to be done in the case of this new vaccine, so that it can be recommended for mass use.

When a vaccine undergoes first- and second-stage clinical trials, it is performed on a small number of volunteers. The purpose of this test is to see if the vaccine is safe and what dose to use.

However, in the third phase of the clinical trial, these vaccines were tested on thousands of people. Tests at this stage show how effective the vaccine is.

At this stage, those who are tested for the vaccine are divided into two groups. One group was vaccinated. And the second group is given a placebo, meaning that even if they are said to have been vaccinated, there is no vaccine. These two groups of people were then closely monitored to see if there were any adverse reactions.

And even after a vaccine has been approved, tests continue to determine whether it is safe.

Conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and microchips

Another conspiracy theory about vaccines has spread around the world.

It is claimed that the coronavirus epidemic is in fact a conspiracy. Its purpose is to insert a microchip into the human body that can monitor humans at all times. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is said to be behind the conspiracy.

There is no such thing as a vaccine microchip and there is no evidence that Bill Gates is conspiring for the future.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told the BBC the claim was completely false.

The rumor spread when Bill Gates said in an interview last March that we would eventually need some kind of digital certificate. He said the digital certificate would be needed to know who has recovered from the coronavirus, who has been tested and who has been vaccinated against the disease. He did not mention any kind of microchip in his interview.

But a widely shared report after the incident was titled: “Bill Gates to Use Microchip Implants to Coronavirus.”

The report cites a study conducted by the Gates Foundation. The study was based on a technology that can be used to inject vaccines into a particular ink at a time.

This technology is not a microchip, it is more like an invisible tattoo.

“It’s not yet launched and it’s not possible to track people with this technology. No one’s personal information will be entered into the database,” said Anna Jaclanek, a researcher involved in the study.

This year’s epidemic has spread many more rumors about Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

The charity founded by Bill Gates mainly deals with public health and vaccine innovation. That is why he has been the target of such rumors.

Despite the lack of evidence, a May poll of 1,740 people conducted by Ugav found that 28 percent of Americans believe Mr. Gates wants to use the vaccine to inject microchips into people’s bodies.

According to the same poll, Republicans outnumber conspirators by 44 percent.

Rumors about human embryonic cells

We have also seen many claims that this vaccine contains the lung tissue of an aborted human embryo. This claim is also false.

Michael Head, a doctor at the University of Southampton, says no human embryonic cells are used in the vaccine process.

A video was posted on the page of one of the largest anti-vaccination Facebook groups to mention such a study. The commentator claims that this study is proof of what actually exists between the ticks made by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

But the commentator in this video is wrong. The study that is being referenced actually shows what the reaction is when the vaccine is administered to a human cell in a laboratory.

This confusion is probably due to the fact that there is a step in the process of making a vaccine, where cells made in the laboratory are used for testing. These cells are made from laboratory-derived embryonic cells, which may have been destroyed if not used for testing.

This technique of making cells in the laboratory was invented in the 1960s. No human embryos were killed for this study.

David Mathews, a doctor at the University of Bristol, says many vaccines are made in this way. He says that the remnants of the cell in the vaccine are completely removed. This work is done while maintaining very high standards.

Those who created the Oxford University vaccine say they worked with cloned human cells. But these cells are not human abortion cells.

The human cells used for research are actually like a factory, where a very weak form of the virus is produced. This weakened virus is used again to make vaccines.

Although these weak viruses are made from such cloned cells, the components of these cells are completely removed from the virus when it is purified. No components of this cell are used to make the vaccine.

Coronavirus recovery rate claims

In all the posts that have been shared on social media against the Covid-19 vaccine, we have seen some such arguments to ask why we should take this vaccine where the death rate from this virus is very low.

Opponents of the vaccine have shared a meme claiming that 99.97 percent of people recover from the coronavirus. They argue that getting infected with the coronavirus is actually a much safer option than getting vaccinated.

To begin with, the number of people recovering from the outbreak is not accurate.

Jason Oak, a senior statistician at Oxford University, says 99 percent of those affected have recovered. This means that 100 out of every 10,000 people infected will die.

However, the meme spread on social media was saying that only three out of every ten thousand victims would die. That is actually wrong. The death toll is much higher.

Mr Oak, however, says that in most cases the risk of death from coronavirus depends on age, and short-term and long-term illnesses are not taken into account in this risk.

And it’s not just about survival. Unlike every human being who dies, the survivors have to be kept in intensive care and those who are recovering face many long-term health problems.

This can put additional stress on many healthcare systems under the pressure of Kovid patients. The limited resources of hospitals can make it difficult to treat other patients and other ailments and injuries.

Liam Smith, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says focusing solely on the number of deaths will lose the true purpose of vaccination. He says vaccination should be seen as a way to protect others in society.

He said: “The worst thing about the epidemic in the UK, the lockdown, is that there is only one reason – the coronavirus can disrupt the healthcare system. They are more likely to get seriously ill. “

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