Why is it better to know the Blood Group before marriage

Although the blood type of husband and wife has not been discussed much before, now it has become a huge problem. As a result of modernization of technology, we are constantly learning about new things. One of them is the blood type of husband and wife. Today we will know what problems can be caused by the blood group of husband and wife.

Blood groups

Find out about blood groups first. There are two main types of blood groups. One is ABO method {A, B, AB and O} the other is Rh factor {Rh + positive and Rh- negative}. This rhesus factor determines whether the blood group will be positive or negative. The blood groups are: A positive, A negative, B positive, B negative, AB positive, AB negative, O positive and O negative.

Husband-wife blood group

If the husband’s blood group is positive then the wife must be positive. And if the husband’s blood group is negative, then the wife must be either positive or negative. However, if the husband’s group is positive, then the wife’s blood should not be negative in any way. In this case, if the wife’s group is negative, then if her husband’s blood group is negative, many problems can be avoided.

Husband’s blood group + wife’s blood group = position of the child

Positive (+)           +            Positive (+)            =            healthy child

Negative (-)          +            Negative (-)           =            healthy child

Negative (-)          +            Positive (+)            =            healthy child

Positive (+)           +            Negative (-)           =           first child is healthy, second child has problems.

What can happen if the husband’s blood group is positive and the wife’s is negative

If the blood group of the husband and wife match, there is no problem. However, if the wife is negative and the husband is positive, then a gene is formed in the nose called ‘lithan gene’ or ‘killing gene’, which subsequently prevents the zygote from forming or kills the zygote. In that case a stillborn baby may be born. The baby may be born blind. Also, when the mother of a negative group has a positive fetus, there will usually be no problem with the first child. But at the time of delivery, the blood of the positive fetus will enter the mother’s body through the placental barrier. The blood that enters the mother’s body during delivery will produce Rh antibodies in the mother’s body within a few months of delivery. When the mother carries the second child, if her fetus’s blood group is positive again, the antibody that was previously formed in the mother’s body will penetrate the placental barrier and enter the baby’s body. And when it enters the body of the fetus, the red blood cells of the fetus will break down. This problem is called “RH incompatibility” in medicine. Many problems can be avoided if the operation has never been done before. Just be aware. If the husband’s blood group is positive, the baby’s blood group should be tested immediately after the baby is born. If the negative is like the mother, then there is no need to do anything. And if positive, “anti-D injection” should be taken within 72 hours of delivery. Both husband and wife should accept each other after the blood test and keep their child safe. Consult a specialist before having a baby to know more details.

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