Mood Swings during Pregnancy

You just know that you are going to get the best out of life. You noticed some changes in your daily lifestyle. In the meantime, you may have noticed that your impatience is happening very easily lately. Maybe sometimes you get upset very quickly, which is not the case before pregnancy. This is very normal. It is called mood swings. It is caused by hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy.

The cause of mood swings

During this time two hormones called estrogen and progesterone are increased. This leads to an increase or decrease in neurotransmitters (a chemical that sends signals to the brain) in nerve cells. The increase or decrease of this neurotransmitter may sometimes make you suddenly upset, you get angry very quickly or you suffer from depression. In medical science it is called mood swing. Women experience mood swings during the 1st trimester of pregnancy and especially in the 3rd trimester.

How to deal with mood swings

  • Take mood swings the normal way. There is no reason to think that you are the only one suffering from this problem. Every woman faces it during pregnancy. This is a temporary problem. Gradually you will be able to return to the previous state. Try to have a happy smile as much as possible during this time, to enjoy every moment with the unborn child. Don’t think that no one understands your plight or that no one gives you time.
  • You can do whatever you like to do. For example, listening to music, watching TV, or reading a book.
  • You can spend time with the people you love. You can talk to him and express your feelings or go to a place of your choice.
  • Try to get enough rest. This will reduce your stress a lot. If you go to work, try to reduce the workload a bit. Get enough rest during the holidays.
    Eat enough nutritious food at this time. If you can’t eat at once, eat a little again and again. Your baby is growing inside you at this time, so pay attention to what you eat.
  • You can do light exercise as per the doctor’s advice. You can walk 15 to 20 minutes at a convenient time every day.
  • Coping with mood swings requires the cooperation of everyone in the family. The husband will play the biggest role in this case. At every moment of this pregnant woman he can stand by her side, reassuring her. With time you can give importance to his likes and dislikes. Other members of the family should also extend a hand of sympathy to the pregnant woman.

When to seek medical help

Mood swings can be a bit intense in some people. Pregnant women often suffer from depression. When mood swings interfere with daily work, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced doctor. It is often seen that pregnant women are constantly suffering from insomnia. He is not eating on time. This condition is harmful to both the pregnant mother and the baby. In this case, it may be necessary to follow the doctor’s advice without delay and take the necessary medicine. It is often seen that without medication, mood swings can be corrected only through lifestyle changes.

So is there anything to worry about?

Anxiety – not at all. Many physical changes occur during pregnancy. Mood swings are one of the most emotional changes in pregnancy. Don’t be upset about it, but take these physical changes in a normal way and make this journey of your pregnancy beautiful and joyful.

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