Scientists gave terrible information about lambda

In addition to Delta, Delta Plus, another type of highly contagious corona is lambda. The University of Tokyo in Japan fears that it could survive the vaccine and spread the infection.

This fear has been expressed in a research paper of the university on July 28. The study is still under review. This information has been known in the report of Newsweek.

In the laboratory, researchers observed three changes in the lambdar spike protein. They are RSYLTPGD246-253N, 260 L452Q and F490S. These survive even after the vaccine has taken antibodies. Makes the vaccine ineffective. However, the original Covid Stein, which was found in Wuhan, China, could not invalidate the vaccine.

In addition, two mutations in the T76I and L452Q strengthen Lambda.

On Wednesday (August 4), researchers described the variant as “worrying.” They say this variant is going to be a threat to us. Its horrors may spread in the future. We should understand this.

Earlier, the World Health Organization saw this variant as ‘curious’. The first version of the virus was found in Peru in 2020. But then the experts did not give much importance to this new type. Lambda has started spreading in the last few months.

Scientists say the new version, found in Latin America, has spread to South America as well as North America. The World Health Organization claims that so far 29 countries have tested positive for the virus. The lambda is spreading fast.

Experts say the third wave of corona is coming in a few months. Many countries have yet to overcome the second wave.

Scientists in Tokyo are realizing that lambda is spreading fast. It’s terrible, they understand that too.

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