How to check if your PC can run Windows 11

Microsoft announced Windows 11 on June 24. The company has announced several new benefits, including installing the Android app. With that said, Windows 10 users will be able to update to the new operating system for free.

Microsoft says that Windows 11 can be installed on most computers in the market. That is not all. Another thing is, what will happen to those who use old computers?

Microsoft has given you the opportunity to know in advance whether you can install Windows 11 operating system on your computer. You can find out for yourself by downloading a small software.

Follow the steps below

Download PC Health Check SoftwarePC Health Check Software from Microsoft’s website. Once downloaded, you need to open the file and first support the usage policy. Then select ‘Finish’ by clicking on the ‘Open PC Health Check’ box.

The title of the main page of the software will be ‘PC Health at a Glance’. A box labeled ‘Introducing Windows 11’ will appear at the top. From there, click on the ‘Check Now’ button.

If your computer does not fit to install Windows 11, it will show the text ‘This PC Will Not Run Windows 11’. Will show the reason for not being able to install the operating system. From there, you can find out which part of your computer is not suitable for Windows 11.

And if your computer is suitable, you can update to Windows 11 at the scheduled time. According to Microsoft’s announcement, users will be able to use Windows 11 in a phased manner from the end of the big holiday.

If you want to install Windows 11, you need to have it on your computer

Processor: 64-bit supported processor with 2 or more cores of 1 GHz or more


Storage: 64 GB or more free space on the hard disk

System Firmware: Suitable for UEFI, Secure Boot

TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0

Graphics Card: Must support at least DirectX 12, with Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 2.0 driver

Display: Display of more than 9 inches HD (720 pixels) resolution

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