What is Hacking? Who are the hackers? Types of Hacking and Hacker.

What is hacking?

Hacking is the process of accessing a network or computer to steal or change someone’s files or information without legitimate permission.

This hacking can be of several types. Let’s find out what:

  1. Ethical hacking.
  2. Website / Server hacking.
  3. Email hacking.
  4. Password hacking.
  5. Network attack.
  6. Computer hacking.

Now we will take a brief look at hacking:

Ethical Hacking is the hacking that is done to make the System Security of a company more secure is called Ethical Hacking. In this case, hackers use their hacking knowledge and skills in a positive way. Ethical hackers work as system security experts.

Website / Server hacking In this type of hacking, hackers try to harm a server / web server and may try to destroy or bring under their control the files or databases contained in them.

Email hacking is that hackers will use your email illegally and can take the information here. Again, this email can be used illegally. Basically, this is email hacking.

Password hacking In this type of work, hackers recover the password. In other words, when hackers set up or send data to a computer and use it to recover passwords, it can be called password hacking.

Network attack In this case, hackers try to collect information and data by hacking a private network and hackers use some tools for this. This is called a network attack.

Computer hacking Hackers collect information on a computer’s ID and password and enter the computer and steal important information. And nowadays computer hacking is a terrible thing.

Now we know about those who do hacking, that is, hackers.

What is a hacker?

People who enter someone’s computer network or website without legitimate permission and change / damage files and information are called hackers. Hackers are usually particularly skilled at detecting computer security flaws.

There are three main types of hackers.

  1. White hat hacker
  2. Black hat hacker
  3. Gray hat hacker

There are also different types of hackers such as: –

  1. Red hat hacker.
  2. Blue hat hacker.
  3. Elite hackers.
  4. Script kiddie.
  5. Neophyte / Green hat hacker.
  6. Hacktivist.

Let’s take a brief look at these hackers

White hate hackers Those who do good work through hacking are called white hat hackers. They are always considered as good hackers.

Black hat hackers The purpose of such hackers is always to do bad things. That is to harm others. They are always dangerous.

Gray hat hackers are those who can do both good and bad. That is, they can benefit you and harm you.

Red hat hackers are basically black hat hackers whose target is to attack and attack them. You can say they can be called Black hat hacker Jamai.

Blue hat hackers are not under anyone. That means they work for themselves. Not under any company or organization. However, you can work with any company if you want.

Elite hackers are the leader of the hacker world. That means they are the most experts. They have more skills than all other hackers.

Script kiddie These hackers have very little idea about hacking. They try to hack others with software or others. They can’t be any special hacktivist.

Neophyte / Green hat hackers They are new to the world of hacking. They usually want to learn hacking and are very interested in learning.
They don’t have much skill about hacking.

Hacktivist means any one hacker or hacking community who tries to bring a social revolution through their hacking is called Hacktivist hacker.

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