Why Hackers wear hoodies?

Imagine a picture of a hacker. You will see a picture of someone wearing a hoodie. Who is sitting in half light and half shadow. A keyboard in front. 0 and 1 are spreading from the monitor. Masked face and he is a man. Why are hackers wearing hoodies?

I have hacked your mind and understood your mind, there is no reason to think so. Whether it’s a TV show, a movie or a media story, this is how a hacker is presented.

But do hackers really wear hoodies all the time? Is there no other season in their life except winter? Ever wanted to come back from there father-in-law’s house after their coat tie? No, the question is becoming more. Let’s try to find the answer.

There are many types of hackers. Black hat hackers steal information and try to steal money from it. The work of white hat hackers is just the opposite. They asked to find out the security flaws of any system and fix it. Works to increase the safety of users. However, for some reason in our minds, the same picture of all hackers has been built. And there is no way to deny the influence of the media behind it.

Brian Bartholomew, chief security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, told CNN in a 2016 interview that he began working in the digital security sector in 2000. Back then, there were no pictures of hackers wearing hoodies in the media or in the hacker community. However, as time went on, the use of binary signals 0 and 1 as an ornament continued to increase with the news of hacking. Comes with keyboard and lock picture.

Cyber ​​security expert Mark Rogers told CNN that hackers began to be presented as “cyberpunk” in the 1980s and early 1990s. Cyberpunk is basically a sub-genre of science fiction, showing people with immoral lifestyles even when using high technology.

An article in Mondo 2000 magazine entitled “Are You a Cyberpunk?” In 1993 showed hackers wearing heavy boots, leather jackets and fingerless gloves.
When the thriller movie ‘Hackers’ was released in 1995, there was some change in the imaginary picture of hackers. Then it was seen that the hackers are young in age, they run skateboards, they don’t care about the rules. Etc.

Mark Rogers said that showing hackers as cyberpunk was not a bad presentation. However, the media did not stop there. Gradually the previous picture was deleted and the picture of the teenager on the skateboard took place.

From the beginning of this century, news of hacking and cyber crime began to appear in the media with importance. As a result, there is variety in decoration. At the same time, technology companies like Facebook were launched. And from that time on, young hoodie-wearing entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg began to be seen as idols.

Bartholomew says hackers are often ridiculed in the community for presenting themselves in the media. However, they also began to adopt the hoodie as a kind of ‘national dress’. Hackers continue to take part in various conferences wearing their own logo hoodies.

Rogers thinks hackers need to change their presentation in the media. He says the image of the hackers wearing hoodies behind the presentation is making them more frightening and that misconception needs to be changed. With the call, instead of making imaginary ideas about hackers, come and see how they are.

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